There were days during Maya's journey that were good, but there were many, many days that were hard.  Most often on these hard days, despite the pain and sickness, Maya remained positive, with a smile on her face.  She would put her head down and press on through the storm and when she came out on the other side she would just shine... beaming with her big, beautiful smile... so appreciative that she felt good and embracing life with the true gusto that she embodied!  During one of these hard days she left this sticky note on my laptop.  It both broke my heart and gave me hope at the same time.  And to this day I always look at this note on bad days and tell myself that "this too shall pass".  

We've turned Maya's note into a T-shirt that we hope will give the person wearing it the same hope... that whatever struggle they are dealing with... "this too shall pass".  There is a rainbow at the end of the storm, waiting to peak out and shine bright, just like our sweet Maya. Just like the double rainbow that appeared over our hometown the day after Maya passed away, assuring us that everything was going to be okay and that Maya will always be watching over us, shining her brilliant, beautiful light.  

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