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Maya loved to do random acts of kindness. Some days, when she felt her worst, she would ask her parents to help her perform an act of kindness. This always lifted her spirits. One day, when she was with her mother at St. Jude and she was feeling particularly down, she asked her mom if they could buy a homeless person a treat from McDonalds. They purchased a sausage biscuit and pulled over to a man whom they saw often on their usual route to the hospital for Maya’s appointments. Maya handed the man the meal and their eyes locked. When he saw her bald head his eyes softened and he said to her, “I will pray for you” to which she replied, “I will pray for you too.” This was Maya. In the midst of pain, she always found moments to share kindness and lift others up. 

In the spirit of carrying out Maya’s legacy, Maya's Kindness Cards were designed.  Maya’s Kindness Cards have traveled around the world, spreading love and kindness to many countries! Help us spread Maya’s love and pay it forward!  Please contact us if you'd like to order cards and like our Facebook page to read how others are finding creative ways to spread love and kindness in Maya's honor. Please also share your own stories of Paying it Forward with Maya's cards. We love to hear your stories!

Here is a story about Maya's Kindness Cards that aired on Channel 9 on December 7, 2017: